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“Did you know…Tour plane crash in Salt Lake City kills one, injures five?”

cessna 207 plane

Cessna 207 (not aircraft from crash)

According to a report, Salt Lake City-based sightseeing-tours company, American Aviation, was attempting to land a Cessna 207 carrying six French tourists when heavy winds caused the plane to hit sand and flip over. It’s estimated that the plane crashed about 500 feet from the tarmac.

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Four proven ways to cram a language before your international journey

ExpertFlyer Hot Topics – Where the Rubber Meets the Runway

In many foreign countries, Americans have helped generate a stereotypical image, and it’s usually not very pretty – especially when we get called out on our loudness or chubby appearance.  Unfortunately, we are also known for our limited language skills.  Did you know that 53% of Europeans speak at least two languages, as compared to only 18% of Americans?  To help American travelers shake this dull distinction, this month’s Hot Topic series features expert advice from top linguists, so you may quickly attain simple conversational skills before traveling to non-English speaking geographies.

Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis, the Irish Polyglot

Benny Lewis, international language hacker and author of Fluent in 3 Months—the top language blog in the world, agreed to help us with this effort.  When we asked Benny why he thought foreign language skills were not pursued by more people, he said most folks don’t think they can do it or just don’t get around to it.  “I tell would-be language learners, there are seven days in a week and ‘someday’ is not one of them, so start learning and using a new language today.

Known for his take-no-prisoners approach to language learning, we got Benny to share some of his top tips for conquering the basics.  Obviously, Benny wrote a whole book on this, so summarizing an entire language learning process is tough in a few simple tips, but he does a pretty good job of it in this blog post chronicling his intensive experience with Polish – He was able to carry on a simple conversation in about two hours!

Benny’s top pre-trip language cramming tips:

  • Get a phrase book and cram the essentials in a couple of hours
  • Get on and set up a spoken exchange with a real native speaker, practice what you know immediately so you hit the ground running later
  • Make your learning process about making mistakes and not perfection. Practice communication, not perfect sentence structure. Tarzan-ese is absolutely acceptable
  • Use to cram vocabulary through clever mnemonics.

Next week, we’ll talk with Lorraine Way, president of The Language Way, an onsite language training service. The company specializes in helping professionals, like social workers, lawyers, HR workers and other professionals working with people, learn to do their jobs in Spanish.


53% of Europeans speak at least two languages, as compared to only 18% of Americans; Forbes, “America’s Foreign Language Deficit,”



“Did you know…Four Seasons Takes Guests to the Skies with Branded Jet?”

Luxury hotel chain, Four Seasons, rolls out the red carpet with the company’s new Private Jet Experience. According to a USA Today report, reservations are open now for three packages that include airfare, hotel stays, excursions, and meals. Not surprisingly, it comes at a hefty price, starting at $69,000 per person.

“The Four Seasons Jet takes our legendary service to the skies and speaks to our pioneering spirit and the aspirations of today’s modern luxury traveler in an imaginative new way,” says Susan Helstab, executive vice president of marketing for Four Seasons.

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“Did you know…Teen Terror Tweeter is Arrested?”


Teen tweeting terror to AA is arrested“hello my name’s Ibrahim and I’m from Afghanistan. I’m part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I’m gonna do something really big bye.”

The above tweet directed to American Airlines at @americanair, came from the Twitter account of a Netherlands teen named “Sarah” last Sunday.  USA Today reports that the teen has been arrested upon turning herself in.  She was accompanied by a parent and is currently under interrogation in Rotterdam.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority. We take security matters very seriously and work with authorities on a case by case basis,” American Airlines said to The Huffington Post. “Regarding (the) tweet, we removed it after it had been addressed in order to be able to focus on our customers.”

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Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown Shares Family Spring Break Tips

ExpertFlyer Hot Topics — Where the Rubber Meets the Runway

Last week, working with Bank of America and a recent survey they published on family Spring Break travel plans, we learned that nearly half of US families are getting away. This week, the Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown, shares tips for a smooth Spring Break trip.

samantha brown, travel channel• Rehearse the security line
Between taking off your shoes, unpacking our laptops and taking off coats, the security line can get a bit messy. Prepare your kids by practicing with the whole family the night before; pretend the kitchen island is the security table, a salad bowl a bin and a doorway the metal detector.

• Get the first flight out
While it’s hard to get the family up early, the first flight out is always cheaper and most likely leaves on time which is important when you have a connecting flight. For little ones, the TSA now allows children 12 years and younger to walk through airport security with shoes and a light jacket on.

• Never think you’re going to be fed on the plane
Don’t wait to eat at the airport, plan your food ahead of time. Whether you eat at the house or bring snacks it will save you time and money. Just be sure to check TSA regulations to see what is allowed through security.

• Let your rewards do the work
Use credit card rewards to offset the costs. The BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card gives you the flexibility to earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent on all purchases that be used for hotels, vacation packages, cruises, rental cars and more. You can also find the best value by booking a hotel where perks are included, such as a breakfast buffet. It makes the morning easier by being well fed and coffee’d up!

• Don’t get upset when things don’t go as planned
Travel is rifle with missed connections, wrong turns, long lines and unexpected closings. Put together a Plan A and Plan B list you can easily access to prepare for the unexpected. Always remember how you react is how your children will so have fun with it and put a smile on your face!

• It’s called Spring BREAK
So take one. Give your family a break around 3 or 4pm when everyone is naturally feeling a lull. Nap, read a book or magazine and kids can draw and color or write in a journal. Get the whole family involved in the travel planning process. Have each member choose and plan an activity so everyone is invested in the family vacation.