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“Did you know…travel industry praises decision to scrap fee hike?”

(USA Today)

international airline ticketVoices of pilots and consumer groups gave sway against taxing airlines on international arrivals as additional fees have been dropped from a recently approved spending bill.  USA Today reports, “Immigration inspection user fees had been poised to rise from $7 to $9 on each ticket under the Senate version of the legislation. But the final compromise dropped the fee, which would have raised $185 million per year.”

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“Did you know…Airplane food is taking off?”


airplane foodThe Gulliver blog questions in a recent post, “…is it true that airlines have reached the logical end-point of premium-class seat competition and are finally focused on improving their food? It’s worth considering. But the improvement in food quality that would be required to give one airline a decisive advantage over another would be staggering, and airline food has to overcome some significant structural disadvantages…”

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“Did you know…WestJet Airlines Plays Santa to 250 Passengers?”

(ABC News)

westjetCanadian airline, WestJet, surprised 250 Calgary-bound passengers with a bounty of Christmas gifts – straight from their own wish lists.

ABC News reports, travelers at two Canadian airports who got the chance to video conference with Santa giggled as they shared their requests. Little did they know that Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick and 175 WestJet employees were listening.

After the travelers boarded their Calgary-bound flights, from Toronto and Hamilton airports, the WestJet elves got to work filling the Christmas wishes of their passengers.

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“Did you know…U.S. Supreme Court cool to man booted from WorldPerks for complaining?”

(Star Tribune)

northwest airlines

Photo credit: Amy Sancetta, AP

The Star Tribune reported that the U.S. Supreme Court heard the case Tuesday of a Twin Cities man who was stripped of his top-level Platinum Elite status in Northwest’s WorldPerks program because, the airline said, he complained too much and schemed to get bumped from flights in return for compensation.

Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg, 52, of St. Louis Park, said that Northwest, which has since been absorbed by Delta Air Lines, failed to act in good faith when it barred him in 2008 from its frequent flier program and took his miles away. The airline countered that federal deregulation of the airline industry in 1978 rules out claims like Ginsberg’s.

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“Did you know…Russian crash investigators find voice recorder?”

(Yahoo! – Finance)

tartarstan airlinesThe Tartarsan Airlines plane crash, bound for the central city of Kazan, Russia, may have crashed due to a manual second landing attempt and pilots’ over-compensation to gain speed after a steep climb.  According to an Associated Press report, the last word the pilot of the Boeing 737 uttered was “circle.” Moments later the jetliner slammed into the ground, investigators said Wednesday, killing all 50 people on board.

“The Moscow-based Interstate Aviation Committee, which investigates plane crashes across the former Soviet Union, concluded a day earlier that the crew failed to land at first attempt, began to stall in a steep climb, then overcompensated — plunging the plane into a near-vertical dive. The report was based on the data retrieved from the plane’s flight parameters recorder, which also showed that its engines and other systems were working fine until the plane hit the ground.”

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