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“Did you know…Sisters booted from flight miss dying dad’s final moments?”

allegiant air

In the case of the Allegiant Air crew’s decision to boot sisters off an Asheville, NC-bound flight, the phrase, “There’s no such thing as bad PR,” may not apply. According to Travel Pulse, two sisters have called out Allegiant Air and are seeking punishment for one of the budget carrier’s flight crews after they were removed from a flight hours before their ill father passed away.

The sisters, Debbie Hartman and Trisha Baker, were traveling from  Sanford, FL to Asheville, North Carolina, to visit their father in hospice care on January 1st.

Travel Pulse reports that before the plane left the tarmac, Baker said she received a text message informing her that her fathter had just hours to live. “After getting up from her seat to tell her sister, Baker was told to sit back down by one of the flight attendants.

The situation began to intensify when Hartman began having a panic attack, prompting Baker to confront the crew member.

“(My sister) said (to the flight attendant), ‘You’re being very rude. My father is dying, and I’m comforting her,’ and they said she needed to keep her personal problems off the plane,” Hartman told WKMG.

The sisters said that in a matter of minutes the crew alerted the flight’s captain, who turned back to the gate to allow airport security to remove them from the plane.”

Read the full story here.

“Did you know…What do ‘Lucille’, Game of Thrones and Sea Horses have in common?

lucille bat TSA“Lucille” has been sighted at airports — and TSA agents are pulling her off the security line along with some other insidious luggage items. recently reported on a stunning array of lethal and or just plain creepy carry-ons that never made it past the TSA’s X-ray machines this year.

The list includes “Lucille,” a replica of the infamous barbed wire wrapped bat wielded by Walking Dead star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan; a grenade and bladed dragon claws. Read the full story here.

“Did you know…DOT proposes paving the way for in-flight phone calls?”

cellphone on planes

“Small seats, little legroom and, now, cell phone chatter – air travel could become even less comfortable if consumers are surrounded by passengers talking on mobile phones”

— Senators Edward J. Markey and Richard Blumenthal, members of the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee

According to, the DOT announced on Thursday its “proposal to require airlines and ticket agents to disclose in advance to consumers if the carrier operating their flight allows passengers to make voice calls using mobile wireless devices.”

Until the DOT makes a formal ruling, which could take another year or more, the agency is leaving the decision in the hands of the respective airlines.

Is cell phone usage on planes a good thing?  Read the full story here.

“Did you know…5 surefire ways to save on holiday travel?”

holiday travel

Aside from merry-making and reconnecting with friends and family, the holidays often signal crushing expenses, especially for travelers.  In a recent Forbes post, Grant Martin offers solid strategies to ease the financial burden for holiday travelers.

“With supply not able to keep up with the increased demand, airlines can raise prices with little ill effect. Compound that with one less legacy carrier [US Airways] in competition and the current atmosphere is ripe for high holiday airfares,” says Richard Kerr, Senior Points and Miles contributor at The Points Guy.

Here are Grant’s five tactics to ensure you’re doing everything possible to minimize your travel costs this holiday season:

1. Book early

2. Monitor the hottest sale fares

3. Use points

4. Use Creative routings

5. Use a low-cost carrier

For the full article and tips on implementing these tactics, click here.

“Did you know…Reykjavik saw the fastest rise in Google travel search this year?”

google travel searchAccording to a mind-numbing data deep dive from Google and Sojern, this year’s emerging travel hot spots are:

1. Reykjavik
2. Havana
3. Toronto
4. Mexico City
5. Tokyo

Google says they looked across billions of searches to see travelers’ digital journeys to this year’s hot spots and the result: an unprecedented look at the traveler customer journey based on intent signals across online, mobile, and video channels.

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