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Addition of US Airways Flights Complements Existing American Airlines Operated Award / Upgrades on ExpertFlyer 

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NEW YORK – September 17, 2014 –®, the premier online air travel information tool for business travelers and frequent flyers, announced today that US Airways will provide ExpertFlyer with access to its award and upgrade inventory effective immediately.  The addition of awards and upgrades from US Airways operated flights will complement the existing American Airlines operated award/upgrade data currently available to subscribers of ExpertFlyer, allowing travelers to create flight alerts for awards and upgrades with US Airways the same way they currently conduct searches with American.  ExpertFlyer’s goal is to provide convenience and value to its customers and has found more than 190,000 award and upgrade tickets for its customers since 2006.

“Our partnership with American has been beneficial to the airline, ExpertFlyer, and most importantly, our customers,” said Chris Lopinto, president and co-founder of  “Our goal is provide our customers with important and oftentimes hard to find information all in one place.”

“We are pleased that customers who choose to fly US Airways will now have the same service from ExpertFlyer that they have had for American Airlines flights,” said Cory Garner, American’s managing director – distribution.  “This agreement provides another step toward a more seamless customer experience during the integration of our two airlines.”

The Awards & Upgrades feature of ExpertFlyer is the easiest way to find an award ticket or upgrade.  Simply enter the airline(s) you want to fly, the destination, the date(s), and search.  ExpertFlyer will show you in real-time the number of award tickets and/or upgrades available based on your query.  If you must take a particular flight where no upgrades are available, users can create a flight alert for as many as 30 different flights at one time.  If an award ticket or upgrade is found, ExpertFlyer will send instant notification.


Each month, ExpertFlyer’s One-on-One blog goes face-to-face with the travel industry’s leading decision makers to discuss and address topics relevant to many of today’s business and frequent travelers. was conceived and created by an eclectic team consisting of a veteran elite tier frequent flyer, an airline captain and corporate travel manager, and information technology professionals to deliver a 24/7 real time powerful air travel information service.  The company provides its subscribers and corporate travel managers alike with a complete, concise and efficient way to access the ever-changing details of worldwide air travel information.  For more information, please visit

Stuck in the middle seat again?  Download the free Seat Alerts app from ExpertFlyer and get the window or aisle seat without hassle or frustration.


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News: ExpertFlyer’s Award-Winning Seat Alerts Red App Now Available To All Sabre-Connected Travel Agencies

Seat Alerts Red App



Seat Alerts Red App

Seat Alerts Red App

Integration Into GDS Platform or Existing TMC Services Helps Agencies Find Preferred Seats for Customers While Addressing Biggest Complaint Among Business Travelers

After beta testing with several travel agencies, has announced that Seat Alerts, its award-winning app that automatically searches for better airline seats, is now available as a Sabre Red Workspace app for Travel Management Companies (TMC). Selected as a runner-up in this year’s Sabre Red Appy awards, Seat Alerts can now be integrated directly into the GDS platform, via Sabre Red Workspace, or through an API for larger agencies that want to integrate the app directly into their custom backend solutions. For the first time, agents have a way to be notified when the best seat becomes available, helping them deliver a new, and outstanding level of personal service to their customers. Agencies can download ExpertFlyer’s Seat Alerts Red app from the Sabre Red App Centre.

The Seat Alerts App is based on the company’s highly-acclaimed travel feature that helps passengers move out of undesirable seat assignments, such as the dreaded middle seat, by notifying them when a preferred seat (aisle, window, etc.) becomes available on their flight. Now, ExpertFlyer is bringing this tool directly to the agent desktop via the Red App Centre. With Seat Alerts, agents have an opportunity to secure a better seat for their travelers in an integrated, easy-to-use way and generate a new revenue stream and provide an invaluable service to clients. In addition, purchasing a premium seat assignment upfront is no longer required now that there is a proactive solution that works to get travelers into a better seat, without having to pay a fee to airlines. Agents will be able to integrate Seat Alerts into their usual workflow with flight-specific options since a traveler’s “favorite seat” may not be the same for every flight, airline or equipment type.

Seat Alerts Provides TMCs with a Competitive Advantage over Online Booking

Several TMC’s participated in the beta period and expressed the impact the new app will have on their overall workflow and the additional service it allows them to offer customers.

“The Seat Alerts app has greatly increased our success rate in finding better seats while at the same time saving us many hours of work at an affordable rate,” explains Alex Irmberg, CEO at Travelbusiness, Inc. a TMC that specializes in executive travel for life science companies and their financial partners. “We had previously been using the ExpertFlyer website for seat alerts so we are excited to have the same reliable technology integrated into Sabre Red.”

Paull Travel, a full service agency based in Edmonton, Alberta, had a similar experience with integrating Seat Alerts into its system workflow. “Seat Alerts has been a great feature for both corporate and leisure bookings,” explains Lesley Paull, founder and general manager at Paull Travel. “Seat Alerts reduces the time it was taking us to constantly check availability for specific seat types. It just lets us know when it’s available. It’s a huge timesaver.”

“Seating is one of the biggest complaints of business travelers today,” says Chris Lopinto, president and co-founder of “Seat Alerts gives TMCs a tool to enhance the traveler experience by proactively looking for a better seat, without wasting valuable agent time or resources, while helping to eliminate a major anxiety point with air travel today.”

Seat Alerts is currently available to subscribers as an online feature and can create virtually unlimited Seat Alerts as part of their subscription. In addition, a free Seat Alerts account can be created at by anyone who travels and will allow travelers to maintain one active Seat Alert at a time, at no cost.


“Did you know…OneTravel interviews ExpertFlyer president, Chris Lopinto?”

OneTravel, a leading air travel resource for finding cheap tickets to destinations around the world, caught up with our co-founder and president, Chris Lopinto, to learn more about ExpertFlyer’s new Seat Alerts app for iPhone and Android phones.

Chris also discusses the growing importance of mobile apps for business travelers and the need for businesses to provide mobile solutions for their client base in order to compete.  Read the full post here.

“Did you know…7 Fool-Proof Steps to Getting the Best Airplane Seat?”

Chris LopintoWe just posted 7 tips for getting the best seat on an airplane on the Huffington Post Travel blog.  Here’s an excerpt:

Tips for Finding the Best Seat

1. Get to Know the Aircraft
There are several web sites, like, that will graphically show the relative position of every seat for every aircraft model flown by nearly 100 airlines. The comments listed on SeatGuru are invaluable as they are the results of passenger observations. Find out which aircraft type your flight will be using and study the seating chart. Make particular note of the distinctive characteristics of each seat. Avoid seats near galleys and restrooms at all costs.

2. Find Out What is Available
Airline web sites may not always show you which seats are available for your flight. And leaving your seat assignment up to the airline’s computer is like playing the lottery and hoping for the best. If you go to, you will be able to view which seats are occupied or available for specific flights up to 11 months in advance for over 140 airlines worldwide. Pick an available seat then call the airline and ask for it specifically. If there are not good seats available, use a service like Seat Alerts to notify you when a preferable seat option opens up. ExpertFlyer Seat Maps also contain SeatGuru ratings information, so you can know which seats are both available and preferable.   Read the Huff Post blog in its entirety here

ExpertFlyer’s new free Android seat alerts app lifts travelers out of the middle seat

Last August, launched a free Seat Alert app for iPhone and iPad. This week, the company announces the highly anticipated introduction of the Seat Alerts app for the Android platform, also free.

Graphic is man stuck in the middle seat

Seat Alerts makes it easy to avoid "middle seat" misery - Graphic: Christoph Hitz

New to ExpertFlyer Seat Alerts?  Well, if you’re a regular business traveler or frequent flyer, we’re here to lift you out of “middle seat” misery.  How many times have you booked a flight to find that the only seats available are middle seats?  Or, equally frustrating, you can’t sit with your traveling companion unless you pay through the nose for a seat assignment. We all know it’s hard to get a better seat, but now Seat Alerts can do all the time-consuming seat map and availability reconnaissance for you, and then automatically notify you when a preferred seating option becomes available — for FREE!

It’s easy to get started. Using either the website, or our iOS or Android apps, enter your flight information and then select the type of seat you want, such as a Window, an Aisle or even two seats together  — you can even view seat ratings from SeatGuru by Trip Advisor using the app’s seat map screen. A pop up (shown below)will describe the amenities (or downside) to a specific seat selection. Once you are satisfied with your choice, “save” the alert, and ExpertFlyer will automatically notify you if the seat you want opens up.

You can even set an alert for any seat on full flights to make sure you get a seat assignment and don’t get bumped from your flight.

Check out the app screen shots below and download Seat Alerts from ExpertFlyer – it will change the way you fly.

Seat Alerts Android App - Home Screen

Seat Alerts - Home Screen (click to enlarge)

Seat Alerts - Seat Map

Seat Alerts - Seat Map (click to enlarge)

Seat Alert - Seat Reviews from Seat Guru

Seat Alert - Seat Reviews from Seat Guru (click to enlarge)

Seat Alerts' Push Notification alerts you when preferred seat is available

Seat Alerts - Push Notification alerts you when preferred seat is open (click to enlarge)