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“Did you know… & Name ExpertFlyer a Top Travel Resource?”

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Airplane wing

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Finding the best seat on a plane and utilizing ones award points to snag an upgrade are two highly sought after perks for seasoned travelers.  But putting the two together, so you can not only find a desirable seat, but use your points to nab it — well, that’s Nirvana.

In two recent articles, ExpertFlyer is featured as a top resource for both.  Read’s story on “How to get the Best Seat on a Plane,” and’s piece on “Top Tools for Tracking Points and Miles.”

One-on-One with Diane McDavitt, President and Co-founder of LuxuryLink Travel Group

In this month’s One-on-One blog, ExpertFlyer talks with Diane McDavitt, President & Co-Founder of Luxury Link Travel Group, the premier online destination for great deals on luxury vacations.

By partnering with world-class hotels, resorts, villas and cruise lines, LuxuryLink offers luxury vacation deals to sophisticated travelers at a substantial savings – up to 65% off – often including complimentary extras, amenities and activities for the best value available anywhere.

Diane McDavitt, president, Luxury Link Travel Group

Diane McDavitt, president, Luxury Link Travel Group

“When we qualify partners, we look at essential services and amenities of course, but we also take into consideration the uniqueness of the property and how it reflects the destination – we believe the experience should include a sense of place.  Crystal and chandeliers are perfect for Paris, but not necessarily right in Costa Rica.”

— Diane McDavitt, President, Luxury Link

Luxury Link offers discounted access to high-end exotic destinations at deep discounts.  How do you do this?

Our partner hotels are eager to reach our audience of sophisticated travelers.  To entice them to visit, the hotels create exclusive, limited availability packages that can only be booked through Luxury Link.  And because the hotels are putting their best foot forward, the packages are valid for travel for up to a year.  So it’s a virtuous circle: the hotel benefits by gaining a potential long-term relationship with a qualified customer and the customer gets an amazing VIP travel experience at an incredible price.

How do you decide what is considered a “luxury” vacation? What criteria do you use to “hand pick” the destination deals you serve up? Is there a standard bearer? We have a vetting committee that reviews every hotel before they are accepted for inclusion on the Luxury Link site.  Partnership is by invitation only; unfortunately we are unable to accept 70% to 80% of the properties that contact us.  When we are qualifying partners we look at essential services and amenities of course, but we also take into consideration the uniqueness of the property and how it reflects the destination – we believe the experience should include a sense of place.  Crystal and chandeliers are perfect for Paris, but not necessarily right in Costa Rica. Continue reading →

Hotel Safety — Part 3 of 3: In Public Areas

ExpertFlyer Hot Topics — Where the Rubber Meets the Runway

In this week’s final installment of our Hotel Safety Hot Topic Series, Nancy Dunnan, editor & publisher of the TravelSmart Newsletter, gives smart advice for hotel and motel guests while they’re in public areas of a property, such as hallways and elevators. Check out last week’s tips for staying safe post check-in, and remember, ExpertFlyer blog subscribers are eligible to receive 3 complimentary copies of  The TravelSmart Newsletter by visiting:


Hotel Elevator

Hotel Safety in Public Areas

  • Note the nearest fire exit. Then count the number of doors from your room to the exit.
  • Report anyone loitering. In a hallway or other public space.
  • Don’t get off on your floor. If you’re uncomfortable with someone on the elevator. Instead, push the button for the lobby. Then explain the situation to the concierge or security person.

If it’s a huge hotel and the restaurant floor is closer than the lobby, get off the elevator there, provided you know the restaurant is open.

  • Stand at the rear of an elevator. This makes it much more difficult for someone to grab your purse or wallet.

“Did you know…Delta’s new sub-economy fare means no more seat selection?”

Delta recently unveiled a new sub-economy bare-to-the-bone ticket option that’s gotten the attention of travel industry consumer advocates, like the Points Guy.

According to a recent story in the Chicago Tribune, If you like sitting in middle seats and having your travel party split up, you’ll love Delta Air Lines’ new “Basic Economy” class.

Delta Airlines logo

Delta Airlines

The Delta website describes some of the sacrificial features of the new low, low fares:

“We’re able to keep these fares low by limiting certain benefits found in other Delta Economy class fares. For example, Basic Economy fares are non refundable and no cancellations or changes may be made once the ticket is purchased. However, this fare is eligible for Risk Free Cancel and our Same-day Travel Changes programs.

Advance seat selection is not available with Basic Economy fares. Seat assignments will be auto-assigned for Basic Economy fare holders during check in.”

ExpertFlyer weighs in:

“As a company that exists largely to enable travelers to get the seat they want on an aircraft, we believe, for value travelers, the new “E-class” will be a way to save a few dollars, but for those who value more than just the cheapest ticket possible — like sitting with traveling companions — in this case, it’s a matter of bad money driving out good. We saw a similar situation with AA a number of years ago when they offered their “More room thru Coach” program, but it didn’t catch on as not enough travelers valued comfort over price. That said, since this is a legitimate way to pay less for less features, instead of paying more for more features, it will appeal to a subset of travelers. The interesting thing to see is if other carriers jump on the sub-economy bandwagon.”

— Chris Lopinto, President and Co-founder, ExpertFlyer

“Did you know…5 things Not to do on airplanes?”

(CNN Travel – “Out of the Office”)

Things you shouldn't do on a plane

Don't do this on a plane! Photo: ThinkStock

Every time you get on an airplane, it’s a crap shoot. No, I’m not talking about safety but rather the person you’ll be sitting next to. All walks of life end up flying at one point or another. Maybe you’re stuck sitting next to someone who doesn’t quite understand that his actions impact others around him. Or maybe YOU are that person.

For that reason, I thought it would be fun to go through the top five things you really shouldn’t do on an airplane. Read more about the five things you should not do on airplanes