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“Did you know…Carnival Woos Consumers with New Guarantee?”


Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line


With one after the other mishaps over the last two years, Carnival is presenting an offer that they hope consumers can’t refuse.  USA Today reports,”The Great Vacation Guarantee, as it’s being called, allows guests to end their voyages early and receive a 110% refund plus free transportation home, along with a $100 shipboard credit for a future cruise, should they be dissatisfied for any reason.”

Read the full USA TODAY story here and for the in’s and outs on the best cruises and ports of call, read our interview with Doug Ward, author of Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships Guides.

New Feature: Paid Seats on ExpertFlyer Seat Maps

Today we’re announcing that ExpertFlyer now has a “Paid Seats” designation in it’s Seat Maps. This designation will be used for any seat that is marked as a seat where a traveler would have to pay to reserve it by the airline.

Since airlines can also mark such seats as free for elite frequent flyers as well as Paid, a second seat designation, Paid & Premium, as also been added. When you see this icon on a seat it means that the seat can be reserved by an elite frequent flyer, or by paying. ExpertFlyer previously shows these seats as Premium Only.

For Seat Alerts®, the “Paid & Premium” seat will be treated the same as a Premium Only seat. Paid seats will be treated as not available.  We hope you find this addition to ExpertFlyer helpful as the busy holiday travel season approaches!Paid Seat on Seat Map

Improved Flight Alerts and other Enhancements

Today we are excited to announce several new features and improvements to ExpertFlyer:

“Less Than” Flight Alerts

  • In addition to Flight Alerts that let you know when an award/upgrade/fare class is at least a certain value, now you can set an alert to notify you when inventory drops below a certain value.
  • By selecting the “Less Than” option when creating the alert, ExpertFlyer will alert you when the inventory starts to drop, allowing you to take advantage of inventory that is becoming low, but before it disappears.

Multiple Seasonality date ranges for fares

  • For Fare Information searches using the “Show Fares for All Travel Dates” option, where applicable, if a fare has multiple published seasonality dates, they will now all be shown.

Travel Information Additions – MCT, MPM & Connecting Cities
The following searches have been added to the Travel Information search page:

  • Minimum Connect Times – with the ability to specify incoming/outgoing airlines and the connection type.
  • Maximum Permitted Mileage – that shows not only MPM but has a dedicated Calculated Sector Mileage response as well.
  • Connecting Cities – shows all predetermined connecting cities for the specified city pair.

Booking Class Search

  • Along with Fare Rules and Routing Rules, the Fare Information results page now has a Booking Class look-up tool.
  • This will allow you to determine the required booking classes for the fare and any specific exceptions.
  • You can also specify a secondary airline to show booking class information for segments flown by carriers other than the fare owner.

Extended Information/Comments for all airlines in Flight Status

  • There is now a “View Additional Comments” link at the bottom of every Flight Status result. Clicking it will get the raw airline comments for the flight for most airlines.
  • For example:
    Results from
    Flight Status Search:

    Departing on 06/02/11
    Flying US flight 1
    Flight Status Depart Location Depart Date Arrive Location Arrive Date
    US 1 Landed PHX
    Term: 4
    Gate: B12
    Scheduled: 06/02/11 7:45 AM
    Estimated: 06/02/11 7:45 AM
    Actual: 06/02/11 7:43 AM
    Term: 2
    Gate: F8
    Scheduled: 06/02/11 1:07 PM
    Estimated: 06/02/11 12:54 PM
    Actual: 06/02/11 12:55 PM
    Comments: 0001/02JUN
    P PHX/OUT 743A E00:02
    P PHX/OFF 756A
    P ORD/ON 1247P
    P ORD/IN 1255P E00:12

    ORD 107P TERM GTA F8

Ability to easily copy and share results

  • As seen above, you can now click on the “Share Results” link at the top of every response page which will let you easily copy and share ExpertFlyer results in a nicely formatted way.
  • Results can be exported in Text, HTML, CSV, or BB Code formats and either copied to your clipboard or saved to a file.

KLM Awards and Upgrades
The following award and upgrade classes for KLM are now available on ExpertFlyer:

  • O – Business – Classic Award & Upgrade
  • C - Business – Flex Award for Elites
  • B - Economy – Flex Award

Click here for the full list of airlines supported for Award & Upgrade searching.

We hope that you find these new features helpful in your travel planning. Feel free to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for daily news and updates.

New Mobile Site and Other Enhancements

Today we’re releasing the much awaited improvement to the Mobile Edition of ExpertFlyer. We have reworked the mobile site to be much more touch device friendly with an enhanced user experience. Now when you browse to the ExpertFlyer mobile site ( on any iPhone, iPod, Andriod, PalmOS, Windows Phone 7, or recent BlackBerry device, the newer version of the mobile site will automatically appear. (Click on the image for a larger version)

We have leveraged the full power of these modern devices to create an enhanced experience, now the most powerful tool for frequent flyers is even easier to use on the go. For older and non-touch capable devices, the original mobile site will still be used.

(Click on the image for a larger version)


We have also made other recent additions to ExpertFlyer:

Flight Availability Point of Sale:

  • Users now have the option of a UK Point of Sale for the Flight Availability search. If you click the Show Advanced Options button at the top of the search page, then a Point of Sale option box will become visible at the bottom of the search form where you can select from either a USA or UK point of sale.
  • Any Flight Alert that is subsequently created from a Flight Availability search that used the UK Point of Sale will itself be checked using the UK Point of Sale.

Fare Information:

  • The Fare Information search now has a Passenger Type option which allows you to see, in addition to regular Adult fares, these additional types of fares:
    • Senior
    • Military
    • Government
    • Student
    • Youth
  • For Fare Information searches that include Surcharges (fuel or otherwise) in the price of the fare, there is now a View Fares Without Surcharges option that will allow you to see the base fare without any Surcharges applied. This simplifies fare comparisons across airlines.

“Did you know?…”

Google reserves ITA for itself
The Economist | Business Travel – Gulliver Blog

Google has just snapped up ITA Software in a deal worth some $700m. The search behemoth says it is getting its hands on ITA, which gathers and processes flight information such as seat pricing and availability, to make it easier for people to find quickly the flights they want at the very best prices.  Read more…

Virgin America CEO David Cush opens up
San Francisco Chronicle | City Brights

Check out what Virgin America CEO, David Cush, has to say about flights to Chicago, Virgin’s appeal to business travelers, his vision for SFO’s Terminal 2, Virgin’s improving financial performance, and how its SFO market compares to its LAX market.  Read more…