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US Air and United Seat Map fixes

Today we fixed a couple of long standing seat map bugs.  First, most of the US Air seat maps were not showing available seats properly.  This was due to the data we were receiving from the reservation systems being, to put it nicely, out of specification with how the data should have been.  We figured out a work around that seems to have solved the problem.

As we were solving that problem we came across another issue where in some cases a seat that was tagged as both “Occupied” and “Premium Only” was being shown as Available with the Premium Only designation when it should have been shown as Occupied.  This was especially evident on the United p.s. cabins where all the seats are designated “Premium Only”. We thought it was a little odd that every seat on tomorrow’s JFK-SFO flights in p.s. were empty.  So they are now accurate and usable as well.