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“Did you know…Bin Laden death has potential ripple effect on business travel?”

Bin Laden death potentially has ripple effect on business travel

What should business travelers expect in the near term now that U.S. forces have killed Osama bin Laden? At least for now, proceed with extreme caution.

My 10 to see in Los Angeles
(Delta Sky Magazine)

When I travel, I like to explore, study and experience. I want to eat at the mom and pop pizza joint. I want to belly up to the bar at a legendary dive. I want to see a local band play right before its big break. This is my case study of life. As I mentioned in my last entry (did you read it? If not, you should. It’s funny), my job is not all work and no play. Our April cover shoot required that I be in LA for nearly a week, which gave me ample time to explore—don’t tell my boss. So, I employed a few friends and my Google maps a la iPhone, and we went exploring, LA style. Here’s my top 10

“Did you know…Air New Zealand hired fitness celeb, Richard Simmons, to get travelers to pay attention to safety?”

Richard Simmons pledges to ‘get you fit to fly’

Air New Zealand is enlisting the help of fitness celebrity Richard Simmons to get air travelers to pay attention to the in-flight safety briefing.  Read more





Lessons from luxury travel
(Chief Executive magazine)

There’s really only one word to describe Machu Picchu, and Ingram Chodorow uses it as he steps off a bus having just toured the Inca empire’s ruins. “Spectacular,” he says. “Just spectacular.” But that’s not the only thing he had on his mind that day. He was also thinking about distribution. Chodorow is the chairman, president and CEO of Placontrol Inc. of San Diego, Calif., a private company he founded to promote his invention, the Plackers tooth flosser-the horseshoe- shaped device with a string for flossing one’s teeth that has been widely imitated.  Read more

“Did you know?…”

Google reserves ITA for itself
The Economist | Business Travel – Gulliver Blog

Google has just snapped up ITA Software in a deal worth some $700m. The search behemoth says it is getting its hands on ITA, which gathers and processes flight information such as seat pricing and availability, to make it easier for people to find quickly the flights they want at the very best prices.  Read more…

Virgin America CEO David Cush opens up
San Francisco Chronicle | City Brights

Check out what Virgin America CEO, David Cush, has to say about flights to Chicago, Virgin’s appeal to business travelers, his vision for SFO’s Terminal 2, Virgin’s improving financial performance, and how its SFO market compares to its LAX market.  Read more…