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“Did you know…The world’s most scariest runways?”


Maho Beach, St. Maarten

Sign on Maho Beach, St. Maarten

According to a post by, St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport and Gibraltar International Airport are among a top 15 list of the world’s scariest airport runways.  Read the full story here.

Exploring Mexico’s Diversity — Part 2: Outdoor Adventure & Eco-Sustainable Options

ExpertFlyer Hot Topics — Where the Rubber Meets the Runway

Ready for some fresh eco-sustainable and off-the-beach outdoor adventure?  In part 2 of our series on Mexico’s diversity, Stay Adventurous travel blogger, Craig Zabransky, uncovers adventure, outdoor opportunities and eco-sustainable travel options that are off the beaten track and still unknown to many travelers. In case you missed part 1, catch up on the best of Mexican culture and cuisine here.

Copper Canyon suspension bridge

Copper Canyon

Outdoor Adventure

Adventure begins when you take your first step outside your comfort zone or in many cases just outside into nature — and Mexico offers plenty of both. One of my recent favorites was a zipline adventure that included a walk on suspension bridges to cross the Copper Canyon (an area four times the size of the Grand Canyon). The adventure is located just south of the border in the state of Chihuahua.

Mexico offers many adventures that people just don’t know about, from tropical jungle hikes to mountain climbing on snow-capped peaks; white water rafting or boarding down sand dunes. There is another uniquely spectacular Mexican natural wonder: The large variety of wildlife migrations, including sea turtles, butterflies, raptor birds, Whale sharks, and more. Continue reading →

“Did you know…Airline says “no” to photography on flights

[ & NPR]

No photography allowed signIn a recent blog post by, the issue of “unauthorized photography or video recording” is explored based on a recent NPR story about a woman who was kicked off an American Airlines flight for singing a Whitney Houston song – non-stop.  In a related video, crew members are heard telling passengers they are not allowed to film or photograph onboard the plane. Really?

The post cites American Airlines official statement: “The use of still and video cameras, film or digital, is permitted only for recording of personal events. Unauthorized photography or video recording of airline personnel, other customers, aircraft equipment or procedures is strictly prohibited.”

What do you think?  Read the full post here.

One-on-One with Christopher Cuddy, Chief Commercial Officer, Fareportal

Chris Cuddy, Chief Commercial Officer, Fareportal

In this month’s One-on-One blog, ExpertFlyer talks with Christopher (Chris) Cuddy, the new Chief Commercial Officer at Fareportal, a travel technology company that got its start more than a decade ago developing e-commerce sites, booking engines and management tools for the retail and wholesale travel industry. Today, Fareportal operates many successful businesses and brands, including, the third most popular online travel agency. The company remains committed to developing in-house technologies that provide the organization with a unique advantage in the industry. Fareportal pairs their technology with travel agency offices, call centers, websites and award-winning mobile applications that enable millions of travelers to book trips to and from every corner of the world.

Geneo is an incredibly simple app that makes travel bookings easier, faster, and always accessible… Its intelligent flight search technology finds better-fitting flights with every new search, and travelers can book quickly via live chat, phone or website.”

— Chris Cuddy, CCO, Fareportal

Congratulations on your new assignment as Fareportal’s Chief Commercial Officer.  Can you talk a little bit about Fareportal’s business, its place in the industry and some of the new product development and engineering projects you are heading up this year?

Thank you! I am very excited to be a part of the Fareportal team, which is one of the fastest growing travel companies in the world.  Each year, millions of travelers trust their travel plans to Fareportal and our travel partners.  Since launching in 2002, we have offered one-stop shopping for all of a traveler’s needs.  Travelers can book trips through Fareportal’s websites ( ), mobile and tablet apps, and 24/7 phone support center.

2013 is jam packed with exciting technical innovations.  We recently released our latest CheapOair app for iPad, Android, and Windows devices.  Over 1.2M travelers have downloaded this powerful app that allows you to book flights, hotels, cars all in one place.  You can even select seats, check baggage fees, use the currency converter, and create a packing list.

We are also in process of launching a new technology platform that supports responsive design and multi-lingual websites, initially in Spanish and French.  These innovations will ensure that travelers will have a fast, easy to read booking experience no matter what device they use.

In March, Fareportal announced Geneo, a “one-of-a-kind” flight search app.  What’s so different about this app and why do consumers need another travel app?

Geneo is an incredibly simple app that makes travel bookings easier, faster, and always accessible. This app asks a few questions about travel plans and then matches options for the traveler, easily displaying the perfect match with simple icons.  Its intelligent flight search technology finds better-fitting flights with every new search, and travelers can book quickly via live chat, phone, or website.

If you know someone who likes to keep it simple, this is the travel app for them.

How are Fareportal’s two travel search engine brands, CheapOair and OneTravel, performing?  What are the primary differences between the two – what does one offer that the other doesn’t and are you targeting different traveler demographics?

Both CheapOair and OneTravel are performing well, with double digit year over year sales growth. Both brands focus on the leisure traveler and offer millions of airfare selections from over 450 airlines, with easy booking 24/7 telephone travel specialists and a suite of mobile apps.

CheapOair (“Travel the World for Less”) tends to appeal to travelers seeking the absolute best deals on airfares. OneTravel, (“Fly, Stay & Experience-Together”) appeals more to families seeking both airfare and hotels for a full travel solution that is convenient.

How does clubmiles Travel Rewards incentive reward program work? What is the future of the program?

clubmiles™ members earn points automatically when they purchase airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, attractions and more.  Members can redeem points for free travel and merchandise at their favorite retailers including electronics, apparel, home furnishing, and dining.  Travel purchases made through partner sites when signed in from earn double points.  clubmiles™ members also receive special offers from time to time that are exclusively available only to our valued clubmiles™ members. Today, our site partners with clubmiles™. We will soon launch on CheapOair and OneTravel later in 2013.

Let’s move to the trade side of Fareportal’s business.  What are your key brands and offerings to the travel trade?  How are travel companies implementing your technology solutions?

In the US, our two primary brands are CheapOair and OneTravel.

We are working with several of our partner airlines to implement our in-house developed technology solutions to offer our Partners’ products and services to our customers. The most recent example of this is the launch of USAirway’s Choice Seats product on our websites. Choice Seats allows travelers to select attractive seats, usually windows or aisles near the front of Coach, at the time of booking.  We are the first online B2C site to offer customers the opportunity to purchase this very valuable product. We will continue to provide customized technology solutions to support our partners’ products and offer the most comprehensive suite of products to our customers.



“Did you know…New JFK T4 Delta Terminal is on Preview in NYC?”

Delta previews new T4 terminal in NYC

Photo provided by Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines is previewing its renovation of John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4 (T4), part of a $1.4 billion redevelopment at JFK, with an experiential space in Manhattan called “T4X.”  The space will be open to the public, May 1-22, and showcase JFK T4’s new features, including Delta Sky Priority® check-in, the new flagship Delta Sky Club® and The Sky Deck™ at Delta Sky Club, a stylish outdoor terrace.

“T4X is a showcase of not only the investments that we have made in T4, but also represents the larger investment that Delta has made in our products and technology across the system,” said Tim Mapes, Delta’s senior vice president, Marketing.

T4X is located at 376 West Broadway and Broome, in the heart of Soho, Manhattan. The space will be open May 1- 22, Tuesdays through Sundays, and open to the public 11am – 3pm. For more information, visit

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