Last-Second Holiday Getaways – Part 2 of 2: When the Unconventional Calls

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In part one of our Holiday Hot Topic series, we showed you the spiritual wonders of the Amazon, made you believe in Santa Claus and took you surfing in Ohio.  Guess what?  There’s more to this sleigh ride – enjoy Part Two and happy holiday travels…

surfing in hawaiiGoviva! And spend the holidays vacationing with a celebrity

Sometimes folks want to squeeze the utmost from life’s adventures.  They want to live the once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Now there’s a resource for luxury travelers who have an insatiable appetite for experiencing the unexperienced, like taking a vacation with a celebrity.

Goviva! is the source for once-in-a-lifetime unique experience travel packages. They are specialists in curating and fulfilling truly unique experiences in the areas of Sporting Events, Entertainment, Active Lifestyle, Fashion, Food & Wine, Film, and Celebrity.

For example, on the Goviva! website, click on Oahu, HI and up pops a Hawaiian Surfing experience with one of surfing’s all-time-greats, Jamie Sterling, as your guide.  Or, click New York, NY, and you can plan an Art escape with legendary artist, Peter Max.  Guests will receive a VIP tour of Peter Max’s gallery and studio, participate in an intimate Q & A session with Peter and more.

Fitpacking man on hikeIs slimming down on your list of New Year’s resolutions?  Then maybe a Fitpacking holiday is for you

Fitpacking is a unique travel company specializing in weight loss backpacking.  The company guides clients on one and two-week wilderness hiking vacations to stunning destinations in order to alter body composition, jump start fitness levels and provide an unforgettable wilderness experience.

To help you burn off the holiday weight-gain, Fitpacking is running a New Year’s week trip to the wild and scenic Florida National Scenic Trail, December 31 – January 8, 2013. The hike begins on New Year’s Day and participants can expect to lose 5 pounds of fat (not just water weight) during their trip.

Holistic Holiday & Wellness Sojourn at Utah’s Red Mountain Resort

The Red Mountain Resort is a holistic active resort located amid Southern Utah’s red rock cliffs and canyons. The resort is a one-of-a-kind active destination retreat, perfect for a wellness vacation.

Red Mountain Resort is offering a Villa Essential Retreat Promotion for the holiday season. This package is $300 perRed Mountain Resort person, per night for a Villa bedroom inclusive of all Essential Retreat amenities. The package is available November 1, 2012 – January 1, 2013, and must be booked by December 31st.   A Deluxe package is also available.  For more information, visit the Red Mountain Resort website:


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