ExpertFlyer’s new free Android seat alerts app lifts travelers out of the middle seat

Last August, launched a free Seat Alert app for iPhone and iPad. This week, the company announces the highly anticipated introduction of the Seat Alerts app for the Android platform, also free.

Graphic is man stuck in the middle seat

Seat Alerts makes it easy to avoid "middle seat" misery - Graphic: Christoph Hitz

New to ExpertFlyer Seat Alerts?  Well, if you’re a regular business traveler or frequent flyer, we’re here to lift you out of “middle seat” misery.  How many times have you booked a flight to find that the only seats available are middle seats?  Or, equally frustrating, you can’t sit with your traveling companion unless you pay through the nose for a seat assignment. We all know it’s hard to get a better seat, but now Seat Alerts can do all the time-consuming seat map and availability reconnaissance for you, and then automatically notify you when a preferred seating option becomes available — for FREE!

It’s easy to get started. Using either the website, or our iOS or Android apps, enter your flight information and then select the type of seat you want, such as a Window, an Aisle or even two seats together  — you can even view seat ratings from SeatGuru by Trip Advisor using the app’s seat map screen. A pop up (shown below)will describe the amenities (or downside) to a specific seat selection. Once you are satisfied with your choice, “save” the alert, and ExpertFlyer will automatically notify you if the seat you want opens up.

You can even set an alert for any seat on full flights to make sure you get a seat assignment and don’t get bumped from your flight.

Check out the app screen shots below and download Seat Alerts from ExpertFlyer – it will change the way you fly.

Seat Alerts Android App - Home Screen

Seat Alerts - Home Screen (click to enlarge)

Seat Alerts - Seat Map

Seat Alerts - Seat Map (click to enlarge)

Seat Alert - Seat Reviews from Seat Guru

Seat Alert - Seat Reviews from Seat Guru (click to enlarge)

Seat Alerts' Push Notification alerts you when preferred seat is available

Seat Alerts - Push Notification alerts you when preferred seat is open (click to enlarge)

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