Announcing the ExpertFlyer Seat Alerts Free App for iPhone/iPad

If you’re like most consumers and business professionals today, you are always on the go and rely on your iPhone and iPad to keep up with emails, news, weather, and probably your travel itinerary.  While thousands of travelers have used ExpertFlyer‘s award-winning Seat Alerts feature to get them out of the middle seat or closer to the front of the plane, not everyone has access to a desktop, laptop, or Internet service all the time.

Seat Alerts App - Home Screen

Seat Alerts App - Home Screen

Introducing the Seat Alerts iPhone/iPad app from ExpertFlyer.  Now, setting a Seat Alert can be quickly and easily handled from anywhere you and your iOS device go…which is probably everywhere.

Simply go to the App Store app on your iPhone or iPad, and search for “ExpertFlyer” or “Seat Alerts.”  Download the app when prompted and you are ready to set an alert.

Click “Create Seat Alert” and enter information about the flight for which you are interested in finding a new seat assignment (Flight number, date, airline, etc.).  The seat map (pictured below “a”) for your flight will appear.  Simply select the type of seat you want (any aisle, any window) or advanced options, such as any exit row, any two seats together or specific seats (advanced options require a fee of $0.99 for Free users).

At anytime, you can click on a seat in the seat map to see ratings from  SeatGuru by TripAdvisor. The pop up (pictured below “b”) will describe the amenities (or downside) to a specific seat selection. Once you are satisfied with your selection, “Save” the alert.

When ExpertFlyer finds a seat based on your criteria, you will receive a notification alert directly to your iPhone or iPad (pictured below “c”), as well as an email, distributed to your choice of up to three email addresses.  Simply access your airline itinerary and select your new seat, which you will now see is available, or contact your carrier by phone and ask an agent to kindly move you.

For existing ExpertFlyer users that have already created Seat Alerts, just download and login to the app with your existing account on your iOS devices to register them for push notification alerts.

If you have an iPhone or iPad and you fly at least once a year, you need to have this app!  Read more about ExpertFlyer and the original Seat Alerts feature in our One-on-One with President and Co-founder, Chris Lopinto.

Seat maps

Seat Maps (image a); click to enlarge

Seat Alert App with Seat Guru Pop-up

Seat Alerts App with Seat Guru Pop-up (image b); click to enlarge

Seat Alerts Push Notification

Seat Alerts Push Notification (image c); click to enlarge

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