“Did you know…Delta’s new sub-economy fare means no more seat selection?”

Delta recently unveiled a new sub-economy bare-to-the-bone ticket option that’s gotten the attention of travel industry consumer advocates, like the Points Guy.

According to a recent story in the Chicago Tribune, If you like sitting in middle seats and having your travel party split up, you’ll love Delta Air Lines’ new “Basic Economy” class.

Delta Airlines logo

Delta Airlines

The Delta website describes some of the sacrificial features of the new low, low fares:

“We’re able to keep these fares low by limiting certain benefits found in other Delta Economy class fares. For example, Basic Economy fares are non refundable and no cancellations or changes may be made once the ticket is purchased. However, this fare is eligible for Risk Free Cancel and our Same-day Travel Changes programs.

Advance seat selection is not available with Basic Economy fares. Seat assignments will be auto-assigned for Basic Economy fare holders during check in.”

ExpertFlyer weighs in:

“As a company that exists largely to enable travelers to get the seat they want on an aircraft, we believe, for value travelers, the new “E-class” will be a way to save a few dollars, but for those who value more than just the cheapest ticket possible — like sitting with traveling companions — in this case, it’s a matter of bad money driving out good. We saw a similar situation with AA a number of years ago when they offered their “More room thru Coach” program, but it didn’t catch on as not enough travelers valued comfort over price. That said, since this is a legitimate way to pay less for less features, instead of paying more for more features, it will appeal to a subset of travelers. The interesting thing to see is if other carriers jump on the sub-economy bandwagon.”

— Chris Lopinto, President and Co-founder, ExpertFlyer

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