“Did you know…The top 5 New Year’s resolutions for frequent fliers?”

It’s that time of year when slates are wiped clean, new goals are proclaimed and expectations for self renewal are high.  The New Year is a wonderful time, and while most of us revel in the hope that 2012 will bring health, wealth and less stress, ExpertFlyer.com has put together its annual list of New Year’s Resolutions for the Frequent Flier.

happy travelers

happy travelers

Compiled with help from our friends, fans and followers, here are the top five must-do’s for a New Year filled with travel mirth and merriment:

1)      Do more Yoga on the road and in the plane.  Why?  Because who doesn’t want to get where they’re going and feel great doing it!  Besides, minimizing nasty travel tension and even more serious conditions, like deep vein thrombosis, is a no-brainer. Get some help from the travel yoga pros at drivetimeyoga.com.

2)      Keep your resolutions top of mind – or at least on your iPhone!  Resolutions 2012 is a new iPhone app that provides structure, tracking, motivation, reminders, and a way to gain support from others as a success strategy for changing old habits.

3)      Volunteering. If your New Year’s resolution has anything to do with giving back, meeting new people, learning something new, or traveling the world, there’s a volunteer vacation for you. GoVoluntouring is a new website with a quick and easy search function that connects individuals with more than 900 volunteer vacations around the world.

4)      According to TravelGuard.com, Business travelers who don’t have a comprehensive travel insurance policy are putting themselves at unnecessary risk.  Consider your travel insurance options in 2012, and safeguard your investment and obtain critical assistance if an emergency happens while you are away.

5)      Stop racking up huge cell phone bills while traveling abroad.  Frequent international fliers should purchase a global roaming SIM card instead of using their home mobile phone operator in foreign countries. Visit Telecom North America to find out how a SIM card can enable full mobile phone use overseas while eliminating bill-shock when you get home.

Happy New Year!





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