“Did you know…ExpertFlyer offers free Seat Alerts to get travelers out of the “Middle Seat?”

Free automated feature alerts users if occupied seats become available — even on sold out flights
(ExpertFlyer.com & USA Today)

Seat alerts

Create Seat Alerts

Just in time for the holiday travel rush, ExpertFlyer.com announced that the company’s award-winning Seat Alerts feature is now available free to anyone who flies.

Seat Alerts now allows ticketed and non-ticketed passengers to set up an automatic alert that notifies them if occupied seats become available. Using ExpertFlyer’s free Seat Alerts feature, passengers can select “Any Aisle”, “Any Window”, or “Any Seat” options and will automatically be notified by email or text message if any, aisle, or window seat becomes available on their desired flight, after which the passenger can change their seat assignment via their point of booking. Additional notification options are available for Any Exit Row seat, Any 2 Seats Together, or a list of specific seats that the traveler may want.

Read more about ExpertFlyer’s Seat Alerts in USA Today.

Free Account Details:

  • With the Free account, you can only create Seat Alerts
  • 1 Active Seat Alert at a time is included with the Free account
  • This 1 included free alert can use the Any Window Seat, Any Aisle Seat, or Any Seat alert options. The Any Exit Row Seat, Any Two Seats Together, or Specific Seat alert options require a paid Seat Alert which is $.99
  • Additional Active Seat Alerts can be purchased for $.99 each and include all alert options.
  • If you sign up for a Free Account to start, you can at any time click the Upgrade button that you’ll see after you log-in to start a 5-Day trial of our Premium service, or to reactivate your Basic or Premium subscription if you already had your 5-day trial.

Changes to the Basic Subscription:

  • In addition all existing features that Basic subscribers have enjoyed, Basic subscribers can now create Seat Alerts as well.
  • 4 Active Seat Alerts are included free of charge with a Basic subscription and include all alert options.
  • Additional Active Seat Alerts beyond the included 4 can be purchased for $.99 each.

Changes to the Premium Subscription:

  • Premium Subscriptions still include up to 30 combined Active Flight and Seat Alerts.
  • Flight Alerts are still a Premium subscription only feature
  • Additional Active Seat Alerts can be purchased for $.99 each if you already have 30 active alerts

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