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“Did you know…There are some great resources for people looking to reschedule travel after Hurricane Irene?”

Rescheduling travel after Hurricane Irene
(Washington Post)

Here are some additional resources for people who had travel plans snarled in the wake of Hurricane Irene

The coolest museum in the world

Oxford is full of things to see such as medieval colleges and a lovely stretch of the Thames. Of course, you can find similar sights in other parts of England, although not in such a dense concentration that makes Oxford a perfect day trip from London. The one thing Oxford has that is truly unique is the Pitt Rivers Museum…

One-on-One with Rob Flynn, VP & Global Travel Publisher at Frommer’s® Travel

Traveling for Business Doesn’t Mean Pleasure has to Stay Home

In this month’s One-on-One blog, ExpertFlyer talks with Rob Flynn, VP & Global Travel Publisher with Frommer’s Travel, the market leader in travel guides.  Rob uncovers secrets to mixing business with pleasure while traveling for work.

Frommer’s publishes more than 300 guides, reaching 7 million travelers who rely on Frommer’s for exact prices, savvy trip-planning, sightseeing advice, dozens of detailed maps, and candid reviews of hotels and restaurants in every price range. is a comprehensive, opinionated travel resource featuring more than 3,500 world destinations.

“I’ve been in travel publishing for two decades, and I still forget to take a guide with me on business trips from time to time – and I regret it on nearly every occasion!”

— Rob Flynn, VP & Global Travel Publisher, Frommer’s Travel

Business travelers often try to combine business with pleasure, but determining where a business expense ends, and personal expenses begin, can be challenging.  Is there a general rule of thumb to follow when the difference isn’t so obvious? What is the best way for business travelers to determine if an expense should be considered “business” or “personal?”  Is there a general question they should ask themselves to decide?

The Inland Revenue Code allows deductions for expenses that are ordinary, reasonable, necessary and directly related or associated with the active conducting of business, which is a good starting point for determining if it’s business or personal. If your company has a policy on allowable travel expenses, familiarize yourself with it before you travel. My personal rule of thumb if in doubt is pay the expense myself, keep the receipt, and take it up with my manager or accountant before claiming the expense. Continue reading →

“Did you know…You can beat roaming fees while traveling abroad?”

How to beat roaming fees while traveling abroad
(New York Times – Practical Traveler)

Last week’s column suggested ways to save when calling home from abroad. This week I’ll tackle data roaming fees, which wireless providers charge when customers use their phones outside their service area…

Cockpit Chronicles: There’s more behind the Air France 447 crash than pilot error

Recently a couple of pilots found themselves in a situation that was foreign and perplexing to them; a scenario the designers of the airplane hadn’t fully expected. They fought their way for 3 minutes and 30 seconds while trying to understand what was happening after a failure of one of the pitot static systems on their Airbus A330...

“Did you know…Hotels are still offering gas cards to lure travelers?”

Hotels still offer gas cards to lure travelers
(USA Today)

Still considering a road trip this summer or fall?

If so, it’s worth checking if your favorite hotel chain or your ultimate destination is willing to subsidize your gas bill. Some hotels have extended their summer gas-card deals past Labor Day. The deals vary…

AA mileage move: Another airline makes mileage award prices vary, with a catch
(Wall Street Journal – The Middle Seat Terminal)

American Airlines introduced a new mileage-award pricing option for elite-level frequent fliers using miles to buy coach tickets, but there’s a new catch that comes with the new option: The “Dynamic Air Awards’’ tickets aren’t changeable…