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How can business and consumer travelers effectively harness their social media networks for travel advantages?

ExpertFlyer Hot Topics — Where the rubber meets the runway

Aside from the more popular and obvious travel meta search engines, how can business and consumer travelers harness the power of social media to source useful travel information, make appropriate business connections and uncover other hidden gems of information?

Crowd-sourcing is a term that has gained momentum in the social media era, but how does one effectively use the power of the crowd on Facebook and Twitter to get their business or personal travel off the ground?

Rob Flynn is VP & Global Travel Publisher Frommer’s Travel, as well as a social media marketing expert.  We asked Rob to give us his take in 140 words or less.

“Friends, colleagues, and the people you interact with in social networks can all be great sources of inspiration and practical advice when you travel – if you go about involving them in the right way.” Here are Rob’s 5 tips for getting the most from social media before you go:


1. Use your networks wisely: Be selective and reach out to a few people at a time rather than spamming everyone you know with the same question.


2. Don’t be lazy: Do some basic research yourself to put advice into perspective.


3. Be specific: Don’t ask: “Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in Paris.” Do ask: “Any ideas for a romantic dinner for two with views of the Seine?”


4. Be courteous: Ask politely. Acknowledge responses.


5. Give back: Post while you’re on the road or offer advice once you get back.

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“Did you know…The IRS recently upped the tax deduction for business auto travel?”

IRS tops off mileage rate

In response to rising gas prices, the Internal Revenue Service yesterday upped the tax deduction motorists can take for business travel. The adjustment will put a little cash back in workers’ pockets, but it could drain some cash from business owners.

Airlines on track to directly control the majority of ticket sales: Study

Airlines are continuing to gain more control of ticket distribution with the proportion of tickets sold via directly controlled channels increasing.

“Did you know…Air travel disruptions from Chilean volcanoes have spread to South Pacific?”

Air travel disruptions from Chilean volcanoes spread to South Pacific
(Aviation International News)

Disruption to air traffic in South America caused by the eruption of the Puyehue-Cordon-Caulle range of volcanoes in Chile spread to Australia and New Zealand over the weekend, after shifting winds had initially allowed flight activity to return to normal throughout most of South America within four days of the June 4 eruptions in an area 500 miles south of the capital Santiago…

Ridiculous or not? Wireless hotel charges that make you want to stay home

As I reviewed my hotel bill at Harveys Lake Tahoe recently, I noticed something unusual: Instead of charging me $11 a day for wireless Internet, they were asking for three times as much

“Did you know…Airplanes of the future will have personalized zones for tailored relaxation?”

Science Fiction? Airbus shows off aircraft of the future
(USA Today – Today in the Sky)

What will the airplane of the future look like?

That’s been a hot topic in aviation circles the past few days after Airbus released images and computer-generated video of what flying might look like in the year 2050…

Lost in Vegas airport?  It’s your lucky day
(Wall Street Journal – The Middle Seat)

When he’s not helping penguins march through a TSA metal detector, chasing a man in stilettos through baggage claim or gathering Christmas presents for stranded kids, Sam Torrence is doing something just as rare: helping confused and troubled travelers at the airport…