New Mobile Site and Other Enhancements

Today we’re releasing the much awaited improvement to the Mobile Edition of ExpertFlyer. We have reworked the mobile site to be much more touch device friendly with an enhanced user experience. Now when you browse to the ExpertFlyer mobile site ( on any iPhone, iPod, Andriod, PalmOS, Windows Phone 7, or recent BlackBerry device, the newer version of the mobile site will automatically appear. (Click on the image for a larger version)

We have leveraged the full power of these modern devices to create an enhanced experience, now the most powerful tool for frequent flyers is even easier to use on the go. For older and non-touch capable devices, the original mobile site will still be used.

(Click on the image for a larger version)


We have also made other recent additions to ExpertFlyer:

Flight Availability Point of Sale:

  • Users now have the option of a UK Point of Sale for the Flight Availability search. If you click the Show Advanced Options button at the top of the search page, then a Point of Sale option box will become visible at the bottom of the search form where you can select from either a USA or UK point of sale.
  • Any Flight Alert that is subsequently created from a Flight Availability search that used the UK Point of Sale will itself be checked using the UK Point of Sale.

Fare Information:

  • The Fare Information search now has a Passenger Type option which allows you to see, in addition to regular Adult fares, these additional types of fares:
    • Senior
    • Military
    • Government
    • Student
    • Youth
  • For Fare Information searches that include Surcharges (fuel or otherwise) in the price of the fare, there is now a View Fares Without Surcharges option that will allow you to see the base fare without any Surcharges applied. This simplifies fare comparisons across airlines.

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