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Seat Alerts® – Be alerted when the seat you want becomes available

Today ExpertFlyer is proud to announce the release of our newest tool in our toolbox – Seat Alerts®.  A complimentary feature to our existing Flight Alerts and Seat Maps features, Seat Alerts allows you to be notified if a currently occupied seat on your flight that you wish you were sitting in becomes available.

Some common situations where a Seat Alert could save the day:

  • Families wanting to sit together but lacking enough free seats near each other.
  • The specific seat you want/like isn’t currently available. Very useful in business or first cabins on long haul flights (sleeper seats that face certain ways, etc)
  • If you’re stuck in a middle seat and want an aisle and/or window seat. Just click the Any Window or Any Aisle buttons.
  • All seats are reserved but you have a ticket because the flight is oversold, if a seat opens up, you want to get it ASAP.
  • You’re flying in coach but want to sit in an exit row seat (for the extra legroom), but none are currently available. You can set a Seat Alert to be notified if an exit row seat becomes available

To create a Seat Alert, just view the Seat Map for your flight as usual, then click on the Create Seat Alert button next to it.  For example:

In this example, there are no window seats available so we can click on the “Any Window Seat” option and Seat Alerts will check for any open window seat. Also we have clicked on 3 other seats we want to be alerted about.  Just click Save and Seat Alerts takes care of the rest. Seat Alerts are supported on the 85 airlines we currently support Seat Maps for.

We also have an option that allows you to tell Seat Alerts if a seat designated as Premium Only can satisfy the alert.  Since not everyone can reserve a seat designated for flyers with elite frequent flyer status, Seat Alerts can be told to ignore them.

Just like our existing Flight Alerts service (which checks for available award/upgrade inventory), Seat Alerts helps to take some of the pain out of the travel planning process. Enjoy!

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US Air Rebrands and Changes Dividend Miles

The US Air frequent flyer program will now be called “GoAwards”, however changes to the program may prevent its members from doing that any time soon.  The biggest change is the introduction of two additional tiers of awards. Now flyers have “Off-peak,” “Low, “Medium,” and “High” to chose from, when available.

However, according to the US Air website, the window of opportunity for Off-peak seats is sevearly limited, as will probably be for “Low” as well, which might result in more miles needed to fly then before.  You can compare the old award chart to the new one to see how the changes affect you.

The new changes go into effect January 6, 2010