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United E+ and Premium seats now visible on Seat Maps

By popular demand we have added enhanced Economy Plus (E+) and Premium Only seating visibility to United Seat Maps on ExpertFlyer.  To do so, you must add your United Mileage Plus number to the Preferences tab of the My Account page which, along with your First and Last name, are sent to the airline reservation system during a UA seat map request.  If you have the proper elite status with United (in that you would actually be able to reserve the seats), it will return to you the enhanced seat map.

Of course, these enhanced UA seat maps are also available on our Mobile Edition of ExpertFlyer

Here is what a seat map looked like before (click on the thumbnail for a full size view):

And here is what the enhanced seat map looks like now:

Please be aware that the First and Last name that we have on file for you has to match the name on your Mileage Plus account or this won’t work, so update those as well if necessary.  Enjoy.